Menard County Courthouse
Petersburg, Illinois
Courtesy of Illinois State Archives

Photograph of Old State Capitol
Courtesy of Gale Myers Photography
Springfield, Illinois

Photographs of the original Menard County Courthouse
Courtesy of Delorse Woodrum and Phllis Kern

John Trumbull painting, Declaration of Independence, oil on canvas, 2' x 18', Commissioned 1817; purchased 1819; placed 1826 in the United States Capitol Rotunda, Architect of the Capitol.

Photographs of the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse, Mt. Pulaski, Illinois; Old Lincoln Courtroom, Beardstown, Illinois; and Old Franklin County Jail, Benton, Illinois.
Courtesy of Brian Crowdson
Crowdson & Co.

Andrew Jackson, painting attributed to Thomas Sully (1783-1872)

(Supreme Court, Image No. 4573367)

© Mamluke
(Wooden gavel and scales of justice, Image No. 5916577)

(We the People, Image No. 2632489)

(The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Image No. 11287360)

(Wooden gavel on a background, Image No. 8982677)

(Supreme Court, Image No. 4573367)